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QASTAN Cowboy.Tan.Black.Brown.Western Leather Jacket

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QASTAN Cowboy.Tan.Black.Brown.Western Leather Jacket

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3 Colours available in jacket QASTAN Cowboy Men's White Western Cow Leather Jacket Fringed and Beads  100% Genuine High Quality Suede Cow Leather High Quality Button Front. Fringes on Front, Back Shoulder Sleeves. Beads Pattern on Shoulder, Sleeves Back Two Front Fringed Pockets. Inside Silk Lining and Pocket. Fine Premium Stitching All Sizes and Colors are Available. Accessories like Buttons, Zips, Beads etc could be different from images. There will be slight difference in original product and the displayed pictures.
100% Real Leather Guaranteed Consumers guarantee Secure & Easy Shopping Free shipping on all orders Each Product is Handcrafted Individually Excellent customer support Lining is the inner layer of the jacket just like your regular jackets or suits. Used to give you a smooth inner feel on the jacket Jacket Lining Satin Lining Satin lining is made of Satin cloth. It is shiny on the front and dull on the back. It is designed to keep you warm. Satin is a protective layer between you and your leather jacket. Cherry Satin Lining Cherry Satin lining is a subcategory of satin lining with a fashionable stripe pattern. It is also made from satin cloth.
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